Unit 7 assignment - World Geography This project requires you to research one of the regions of Sub-Saharan Africa and to work with assigned classmates to collect and organize the required information about the countries in that region and organize it in a Web Page. You are expected to meet deadlines for gathering basic information from the Text and and to use class time productively in preparing the Web Page with your classmates. All completed presentations are due and expected to be ready to present to the class on Tuesday, October 6th for presentation to the class between Tuesday and Thursday October 8th. Other due dates for the Unit 7 Assignment are:

Your Web Page should include ,

§ A map of the geographic region you have been assigned that identifies each of the countries that are included in the region
§ Locate and identify 1 major city in each country
§ Identify 4 major landforms in your region and include pictures of each of the landforms that are identified by name and country
o Identify by location 4 different areas in your region of Human/ Environment Interaction
§ 2 areas where the environment has significantly affected the people living in that area – write a few brief sentences explaining the effect the environment has had on the population, especially on patterns of settlement.
§ 2 areas where the inhabitants of the area have made a significant change in the environment – write a few brief sentences explaining what has changed and the positive and negative results of that change.
§ Include a picture to illustrate at least two of your selections. Be sure to identify each.
o For each country in your Region
§ Create a chart that summarizes the following specific information: ecosystems; natural resources; major ethnic groups, major religions; type of government; population; GDP per Capita; issues of concern
§ Select at least 3 pictures that illustrate different human characteristics about each country and be sure to include a caption to explain what is illustrated
§ Write a summarizing short paragraph that analyzes the major climates of the region and how they have affected the development of the countries in this region.
o Check the Unit 6 Study Guide for information specific to countries in your Region and be sure to include this information in your Web Information

Unit 7 Due Dates

Friday 9/25: Read the Regional Atlas, Chapter 24, Complete the WB page 74 and the vocabulary terms.
Monday 9/28: Unit 7 maps and map worksheet are due on Tuesday.
Tuesday 9/29: In class select your assigned region of Africa and with your classmates that share the region, determine the country or countries each member needs to collect information for. Listen to the information on hwo to use Wikki pages to create a webpage.
Return signed papers for the use of the Wiki Web page and for the Project
Wednesday 9/30 - the class will use the computers to set up each group web page and work on the Country Profiles.
Work at home on the webpage and on the Vocabulary - Chapter 26 terms should all be completed by Monday 10/5, and Chapter 27 terms should all be completed by Wednesday, 10/7.
Thursday 10/1 - Profiles for Countries and Workbook page for assigned region are due. Expect a quiz on the section your group is responsible for.
Friday 10/2 Class has the class period to work on the Web Page. Unit 6 Study Guides will be given so that items related to your Region of Africa can be worked into your Web Presentation. Recipes for Extra Credit Food Day are due
Monday 10/5 Class is at computers to finish Web Page. Turn in Recipes for Extra Credit Food Day on Thursday 10/8.
Tuesday 10/6 Class may spend half the period with computers if needed. Recipes are due - Food Day is Thursday
Tuesday 10/6 to Thursday 10/8 Presentations will be shared with the class - You are expected to be ready when called!
Thursday 10/8 is Extra Credit Food Day. To participate, recipes must have been turned in and approved. Bring the food item to be shared to school Thursday. You may drop it off in Mrs. Kinney's room if you need to that morning.
Friday 10/8 - Map Test on Sub Saharan Africa.
Monday 10/12 - Unit 6 Study Guide is due (unless date is requested earlier)
Tuesday 10/13 - Unit 6 Test (unless combined with the Unit 7 Map Test on Friday)